37 Quick Dog Training Tips For Beginners Updated 2023

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  • Setting up the right behaviors and expectations during puppyhood is essential, and it starts with puppy obedience training classes.
  • Clicker training, crate training, and leash training are three important aspects of positive reinforcement training that can be particularly beneficial for Pitbulls.
  • Timing is everything when it comes to pitbull obedience training and socialization.
  • To pass the test, your pit bull must know some basic obedience skills, be able to walk through a crowd, accept being petted by strangers, and not react to other dogs it passes.
  • Online courses, apps or books about dog training are often cheaper and can be a good alternative if you want to work on your own.

If you are a first time pet owner, then getting a new dog might seem a bit intimidating. These essential dog training tips will help start any new dog owner on the road to a well-behaved pooch. Dog training is the process of teaching your dog certain behaviors. Patience and consistency are the most important aspects of dog training. It can take a long time for a dog to understand even basic commands, and keeping at it every day without losing patience is essential. Whether you’re home or on a walk, dogs constantly pick up things they shouldn’t with their mouths.

Yes, pit bulls are generally eager to please, making them fun and rewarding to train. Their energy and intelligence mean they excel in obedience and dog sports, providing an excellent opportunity to bond and reinforce positive behavior. The “come” command is critical, especially at dog parks or during dog walks, to ensure the safety of my pit bull and other dogs.

Deal with ‘accidents’ the right way

Regular training sessions help engage their minds and prevent boredom, which can lead to destructive behavior or other undesirable habits. Remember that positive reinforcement is the way to go if you want your pit bull puppy to always obey your commands. Pitbulls have hard-wired behaviors that can be problematic to its owners.

Rewarding good behavior is an effective way to train your pup and encourage your dog to continue exhibiting positive behaviors. When starting with leash training, practicing in a quiet and familiar environment, such as your backyard or a nearby park with minimal distractions, is best. Before you start leash training, ensure you have the right equipment, including a good quality leash that is strong and comfortable to hold and a properly fitted harness or collar.

This helps build a strong bond between you and your dog, ensuring proper socialization and obedience. Training a Pit Bull puppy is easier than an older dog, but with patience and perseverance, even adult Pit Bulls can learn new skills and routines. Once you succeeded on early socialization, it’s now time to do basic obedience training drills.

Leash Training Commands

To help ease first-night jitters, keep your puppy right next to you overnight. Put your puppy’s crate on top of a sturdy table or chair so it’s at the same level as your bed (but not in your bed). You can poke your fingers through the crate door to feel even closer. If your puppy cries at night, take him to go potty and then immediately place him back in the crate. Over time, slowly move the crate further away from the bed, down on the floor, and then into whatever room your dog will sleep in. My FREE puppy training book is called Respect Training for Puppies.

Be an ‘Action Movie’ for Your Dog

With that, there’ll be better chances that the wanted behavior will stick. Since your dog won’t have any opportunity to practice them anymore. Because you’ll have to train your pup for so many cues. In my experience, this can make your sessions more effective.

Choosing the right dog training instructor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your dog. Once you’ve decided to own a dog, training should be a priority. Use treats or toys to lure them in the direction you want them to go, praising and rewarding them for their efforts. Once your dog is comfortable moving between your legs while standing still, start slowly walking while encouraging your dog to follow between your legs. When your dog completes one full turn, praise her and immediately reward her with the treat or toy.